This is some of my artworks that I felt proud of.

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I have been designing since forever, but I actively involved in freelance designing since May, 2016. I have served more than 20 clients whom never once criticised my artwork and was fully contented, but I really feel dull about my past work. So I am updating my portfolio with the only design works that I really felt contented and worth showing.

I made a lot of fortune back then by actively designing Business Card and I made a Money Packet template back then, and contributed it to Grafik Malaya group, but sadly I have lost them.

I expanded my field of work to 3d rendering, video making, photo manipulating, but those works were too amateurish that I don’t feel that it is good enough to put it here. I will keep updating this page in future and might delete some of these artworks if I manage to develop my skills much better than what I am currently capable of.

If you are a company scouting for a designer, then you can contact me via my social media. If you are a business owner looking for a freelance designer, still, you can contact me via my social media.

If you are a student or just a random individual wanted to a tutorial of how I do these or that or anything, let me know. I may do it in my free times.

Thank you for visiting.

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