About Me

I am Nickosama, going to turn 22 this December. I am a Kelantanese + Johorian mix, and I myself was born in Johor Bharu. My real name is Nick, but I share the same first name as my brother, so people used to differentiate us by calling me a lot of names, so here is some of the names from the list of what people used to call me. Nicko, Nicky, Mashiro, Nickosama.

I used to play competitive Dota gaming with few different stagenames, but I was known as Mashirosama for the longest. I goes by different names of Zaphkiel, NickoTheMonster and such. Perhaps you will remember through my day being active in Malaysian Dota Scene.

I currently working as a Creative Director in a new company in Kuala Lumpur, we are developing a brand new marketplace. My main working scope isn’t that big like those CD out there in those big companies, but I will get there soon. I am also working as a freelancer on my spare times, and mostly to jobs related to graphic designing.

My main reason writing this blog and setting up this website is basically to serve this website as a Cloud Storage to replicate myself, you can imagine it this way; if someone was ever to clone me, all they had to do is gain access to this site and the contents, and program it into the AI. It will be 90% just like me. Because all that I wrote here, whatever I post, is mainly the way I behave, the way I think, what I know, my perspective of the world, hence, Nickosama’s Journey.

But in another way, I want to share with other my point of view which I consider ‘very normal’ rather than our typical Malaysian. Why? Because they get triggered with simple issues easily. They get butthurted with ‘sarcasm-intended’ kind of post easily. They break relationships with others just over some silly matters, also easily. They tend to copy stupid viral things, easily! They TRUST STUPID things, EASILY! And I want to be the messenger, to send the messages, to stop being stupid, at least not on the internet.

So what you gotta do? #GETONMYLEVEL


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