Creepypasta: Youtube Username 666

Hi, so kali ni aku keeping up my promise pasal 666 tu, and here we are, creepypasta! So aku tahu ramai yang pernah dengar pasal creepypasta, tapi aku yakin ramai juga yang actually dah boring asyik dapat entertainment dari segi gossips, scandals, and whatsnot on social media. So kali ni aku nak tune entertainment korang ke arah reading creepy story pulak, pasal YouTube 666.

Post kali ni originated from the original creepy pasta from the deepweb (if you want to read more about Deepweb, do it so here), since nowadays ramai creepy pasta writers wannabe, tapi tak se-creepy macam the actual creepypastas. Anyhow, salute to our brother Mr. @Creepyposta sebab naikkan balik creepypasta ni dalam fengfeeling bahasa Melayu, thank you so much!

Creepypasta yang aku nak bawa kepada korang ni is an urban legend, so takde proof yang it actually exist or not, tapi korang boleh hold on to these:
1) Tak semua creepypasta adalah betul
2) Some of the creepypasta adalah adaptation from the real story
3) Legendary pastas are mostly true stories

So without further ado, let’s start our story telling, this is YouTube 666!


This is the example of the pictures you can get if you google for it.  So apa benda cerita disebalik YouTube 666 ni? Creepypasta ni starts bila rumors were saying that, kalau kau buka and then kau search for channel 666, channel tu tak exist la. Tapi kau refresh banyak kali, refresh refresh and keep refreshing.

Ramai yang cakap benda ni hoax. Tapi bagi oldtimers, menurut mereka actually Youtube dah take down dah benda tu for safety and security purposes, sebab benda tu actually virus yang akan tukar every words jadi 666, and background youtube, videos and everything terus bertukar distorted.

Ha, tengok video ni. Ni video tentang Youtube channel username 666 tu.


So as you can see dalam videos tu, haha takda apa-apa sangat pun unless korang get scared easily with graphical contents, tapi truthfully masa aku first found out about this pun aku tak boleh tidur malam sambil main laptop sangat (I was 13 ke 14, honestly!)

So the pasta about this? Sebab ada satu confession on a blog of somebody yang dah tried about this, here what it says:

“I worked for Youtube during 2006. I was a busy worker, and I recently upload videos here. What I didn’t know that some of the YouTube moderators suspended a Youtube account. I told them what it was, but they wouldn’t want me to.

I was wondering why I wasn’t allowed to go on that page, rather then what it was. But just then, one of the moderators handed me a piece of paper with a writing on it. It was a link. He pleaded me not to ask us about the secret username ever again. The link was a Youtube user link. It said, ‘’ I went home after work, and typed it on my computer. I found out that the account was suspended, so it’s no worry.

But, when I refreshed the pages several times, some things changed. All of the video tags turned into the letters “X 666″ and every single text in the screen said ‘666.’ I thought someone was hacking my computer, but I denied it and then refreshed it.

Just then, a channel popped up. It was 666’s channel. I looked at some of the videos, most of them were crazy. One video contained four babies twisting their head. Another video showed swirled graphics.

I decided to get off the video and went to another one, but a blank pop up was shown. I clicked the blank button, and it took me to another video by 666.

The video was shown a women drowning in a blood pool and disgusting things happening. I thought this was disgusting, so I decided to pause the video. It didn’t let me, because it wasn’t responding. I decided then to close Internet Explorer, but it wouldn’t budge. I also tried to go to another video too, but it didn’t work either. I thought there was no way out until I thought…

‘The shut down button! Of course!’ I decided to shut down my computer so that the virus wouldn’t get through my computer again, but the button wouldn’t work. Shut down buttons respond all the time! I knew that I was hacked.

All hope was lost. I couldn’t get out of Explorer, and the video kept going on and on. And there was nothing to stop me. The girl in the video kept starring at me, looking at me with random sounds and beatings playing.

Just then, the woman from the video’s hand popped out of the video, and crashed my Internet Explorer.

After a few days, I was recently fired after going through that horrid experience with 666’s channel. That’s when I thought of this: ‘Could this actually been made by the devil? Was it a joke to scare YouTubers?’ Either way, this myth was very mysterious. I haven’t gone through sleep after watching those videos. I wonder who made them…”

This blogspot was then defunct after 2 days when the blog was done. When anyone enters the blog, a message would pop up saying “Removed by Admin. Error Code: 666.” The blogger has sent me his experience by email, asking me to post this on this website. He also left a note.


Image result for youtube 666


Pada pendapat aku, website ni looks more like a “Journey to your blood vessels” and ada banyak red blood cells floating around, hahahaha. Engkorang tengok ah, kan?? Macam red blood cells kan!

Image result for youtube 666

Anyhow, ini yang aku rasa apa yang terjadi sebenar-benarnya:


1. Ada hacker yang buat benda ni for some sort of their own entertainment
2. Dia sebarkan myth ni and ramai yang tried
3. Obviously dia hacked some of them for the real life experience
4. It was a total joke and obviously YouTube took it down


1. Ada orang yang tulis benda ni for some sort of their own entertainment
2. Dia sebarkan myth ni and sampai ke pengetahuan YouTube
3. YouTube joined in the fun and made a prank (because YouTube pernah do these kind of things)
4. It was a total joke and lepas few months, YouTube took it down, too.

So this is a total hoax, but it is actually a fun experience watching the video, for me. Satu macam mental training untuk softcore’s goriness.

tl/dr: This is a hoax, a myth, an urban legends, so tak payah action garang nak bagitahu yang it’s a hoax, we all knows, really.

So, apa pendapat korang? Drop a comment below, share with us your theories, and kalau ada idea for anything you would like me to write about, do it so in the “confession” section, I will try my best to fulfil your demand!

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