Yo, this is me, Coolie. Not coolie a “cool”-ie sort of guy, but really, a kuli.

Sedikit tentang background aku, aku suka be in control. Bila aku tak in control, aku rasa resah. Melainkan kalau leader aku dah proven leadership dia, baru aku rasa macam comfortable nak follow.

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Hello, this is a posting about knife, what I know of em, and what’s their speciality!

Asal-usul knives (and taktikal one at that, too)

Knife ada terbahagi kepada beberapa bahagian, tapi setakat yg aku tau, ada 2 major kategori.

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A Piece of Me

I think that I have been soft, lately. Even my friend said that to me. I have been soft. Yes. I let my guard down. But, this is usually the perfect time for people to cross me over, and I don’t think that is a very nice thing to do, since I will come back even stronger than before. I always do. And I meant it.

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I was watching bunch of foreigners were trying to get out of the LRT and at the same time they were cock-blocked by a bunch of Malaysian trying to force their way in, and the LRT was already so compacted that I don’t think there is no way they could get in unless some of us from the inside comes out.

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