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Latest Confession Submitted

This is the list of confession we received. You can confess anonymously too, click the purple button above! Note that you can submit your Raya wishes too, we will post it here!

“I’m in love with your perspective and this whole website. I just get so into your words and it’s beyond what other people think, just like how I always do. It’s hard to find someone with this kind of brain around me and I feel very much happy to read your entries. Just wanna say, keep doing what you love.”
Submitted August 29th

“I’d be the first person to buy your book if u made one. Urm more creepy stuff, pls?”
Submitted Jul 26th

“Im sick of my life… Tell me how to love myself.”
Submitted Jul 22nd

“nickosama, i’d really want to learn about internet with you. programmae, protocol and hacking. if you read this, please know i need a teacher :(“
Submitted Jul 21st

Thanks bro sebab isi masa lapang sis .”
Submitted Jul 15th

“I want to meet him but at the same time i dont. I love him but at the same time i hate him. I didn’t expect he will change me like this.”
Submitted Jul 11th

Aku baca deepweb punya post tu nak dekat sejam.. seram weh haha, tapi macam nk lagi!”
Submitted Jul 10th

“Love is not a game, please dont treat it like one.”
Author: anonymous
Submitted Jul 1st

“Sedih tahun ni beraya tanpa ayah.. bagi yang masih ada ayah, appreciate ayah korang. Aku pilu nak hadapi the fact raya tahun ni tak berayah..”
Author: anonymous

Submitted June 22nd

“I left all my past in hope to live by building up new life for myself. I were locked in love cage for too long till I lost all of my friends only for a jerk. And till now I really regret on that. I were wearing hijab before, but when I’m grieving due to broken heart moment, I intend to colour my hair and being freehair since then. Some people just judged me being so stupid and start calling me bitch, only because Im doing this. But I never listen to them and make my own way of life. And now I’m happy as my family supporting me all the time. Thanks and I hope everyone wont be afraid to express yourself.
The End~”
Author: Mysterious Girl
Submitted June 21st

“Yoi adalah seorang konek yang stalking-kaki tapi humble down to earth.”
Author: Nickosama

Website: www.nickosama.com
Submitted June 21st

“I was a lesbian. And one day I stumble with someone who have a same past experience like me. Its like everything getting better today. Even its only few hours I get to know him. Thanks for making my life even sweet for today. Thats all for today.”
Author: Mysterious Girl
Submitted June 21st

“Aku bosan ada boss macam pukimak jugak.. Time ramadhan shift x tentu. Ni dah nak cuti raya pown gaji x masuk lagi, bonus aku x tau la. Rasa nk benti pown ada. Haih”
Author: rahsia
Submitted June 19th

“Sy dh givap lau lelaki ni act mcm dorang dh setia je,pdhl kat blkg sy ad byk prmpn laen..”
Author: gothgirl
Submitted June 18th